Day 44: Layers Suck

Do you ever get tired of dealing with your junk (as in the emotional upheaval of your life junk?) I do. And my least favorite part is when you get to this place where you have fooled yourself into thinking you are okay, and then you see something, or hear something, or read something on Facebook and you realize you have, indeed, NOT dealt with your junk.

I have a good friend (I used to call her my mentor, but she told me to stop saying that because we are no longer teacher/student, but peers, equals, friends. . . I doubt that (the peers,equals part) but have told her I will work on it). ANYWAY, As I was saying, I have a good friend who tells me that God reveals our wounds to us in layers. And He lets us deal with those layers in quantities that we can handle. And when we have dealt with a layer of that woundedness and are in a good place, He peels back a new layer, so that we can heal from that.

What is hard for me is that I will go along feeling healed from a wound and then suddenly realize I am only healed from a layer. And then I know I have more work to do. But sometimes, I don't want to work.

All that to say, I know I will do the work. I'm just dreading the process.

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  1. Ah, no layers - another advantage to being shallow and one-dimensional.


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