Day 41: If Only

We had a staff training day on Monday. We technically have one every Monday, so that in itself is not news. I am writing about the one we had this past Monday, though, because it was quite impactful. (Is impactful a word?)


This one was about being content.

No matter what the circumstance.

The phrase that was used to drive home the point was this, "If I only _____________ (you fill in the blank) then I would be happy (or content or satisfied, you choose the word)."

I said things like, "If I only had a permanent residence. THEN I would be happy." "If only my sons could both get jobs, THEN I would be happy."

It kind of became a joke throughout the day as I continued to hear people say, "If I only had 1 more hour in the day, THEN I would be happy." "If only my husband didn't annoy me, THEN I would be happy." "If only I could lose weight, THEN I would be happy."

But the reality is, none of that is true. We won't be happy. We won't be content. We won't be satisfied. There always seems to be that one elusive thing that keeps us from fulfillment. And even if we got that one elusive thing, another one would take its place.

That "thing" we are looking for isn't a "thing" at all. It is quite simply, Jesus.

All that to say, imagine if only we weren't so consumed with what we needed and wanted and just took inventory of what we already have?

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