Day 27: Butt, Seriously?

I need to say something, just because it is eating away at me. (Well, I wish it was eating away at me!) I did P90X faithfully, 5 days a week for almost 7 full months. In the beginning, I lost a lot of inches but gained 8 pounds. Everyone gave me the same old thing about muscle weighing more than fat. Whatever.

At the end of that 7 months, I did lose the weight . . . the 8 pounds that I put on in the beginning. That's all! Seriously, I did not lose one pound! But, then I decided that maybe my eating needed to change as well . . . I know, brilliant idea, right?

So now I am eating right, three meals a day, not a lot of snacking, and if I do snack, I eat something like an apple or a banana or prunes (yes prunes, so yummy!) I have cut back to one cup of coffee a day. No cokes AT ALL. So the pounds should be falling off of me, right?

Oh, and also, I am running. Okay, it's technically more like walking with an occasional jog, but nonetheless, I am exercising.

So, to recap, I worked out for 7 months, started eating right, am now running and guess how much weight I have lost! NONE! I could give up. But I think that's what my fat cells are hoping for. It's like they got together (in my butt cheeks judging from the size) and said, "Look, this girl obviously is trying to get rid of us, so we're going to have to really dig in and hang on tight."

All that to say, WHY is my body resisting good health so hard? It's just not fair!!!! I know I'm over forty and my metabolism has slowed. But seriously? Or maybe I should say, "Butt, seriously?"


  1. hmmm.... my doctor tested me for Syndrome W...
    (stands for WHY the hell can't I lose any weight?????).
    Okay, it really doesn't.
    Turns out I don't have it, so I have no excuse at all for my burgeoning waistline and baggy butt, but (butt, but?) maybe you can find out if you do.

    and, yea, so I'm not telling you who this is. ; )

  2. do you have the "lose it" app on your iphone? it's working for me!

    also, the above comment cracked me up!


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