Day 29: Poor Baby

We were at home, all ready for the Super Bowl to start! I was in the kitchen cooking up yummy Super Bowl snackage when all of a sudden this horrific yelp came from upstairs.

Mike flew up the stairs (I didn't know he could move that fast!) and as he reached the top of the steps, Jacob came out of his bedroom, white as a sheet, holding his screaming puppy, and saying, "His leg is broken, his leg is broken!"

From there, chaos insued. Now, I'd like to say for the record, I'm fairly good in a panic situation, but not everyone is. It's not a character flaw, just the way some of us are wired. I'm usually really calm, but meltdown later when it's safe. Mike just melts down immediately. :)

So Jacob gets down the stairs and over the screaming puppy I am saying, "What happened?" Keep in mind the puppy is SCREAMING so my voice is loud. Mike is frantically looking all over for keys to the car as I am saying, "Take him up to the Animal Hospital, it's just right up the street." (Again, keep in mind that I am saying this loudly as the puppy is screaming . . . loudly, but calmly) Mike starts yelling, "Where are the keys? Where are the keys?" (He's not calm) I, with sausage cheese ball mixture all over my hands, begin to help him look for the keys, when all of a sudden I have an epiphany. "Mike, you drove last. You had the keys!"

Mike yells, "I DON'T have the keys. It's your car!" I yell back, "You drove last!" Finally, someone, I think it was Zack said, "Check your pockets Dad." Sure enough, there were the missing keys!

Poor Sawyer has a broken foot. Every bone in his foot to be exact.

All that to say, poor baby.

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