Day 43: Life on the Beltway

I have been way too serious lately. In my writing at least. I used to go through the day amazed at the funny and bizarre things I saw people do. But lately it seems like I am totally focused on everything else. Even things that are funny, I somehow turn into serious.

So, here is my attempt at humor. This is my list of Top 10 Things I Have Seen People Do While Driving on the Beltway:

1. Picking their nose . . . with two hands
2. Putting on mascara and passing me . . . I was going 70.
3. Reading a newspaper
4. Riding with their top down in freezing weather
5. Changing 4 lanes without looking so as not to miss their exit that was closed
6. Honking like crazy at a car going too slow in the fast lane, only to realize the car they are honking at is a police car
7. Slamming on their brakes and almost killing people because they realize they are about to pass a police car
8. Stopping in the EZ Tag lane, right before the toll booth, because they don't have an EZ Tag and there is no way out of the EZ Tag lane (so yeah, let's just stop traffic . . . idiots)
9. Passing that long row of traffic cones that block off the EZ Tag lane, all the while KNOWING you don't have an EZ Tag (goes with number 8)
10. Driving straight through a "Pay" booth b/c you think it is an EZ tag booth

All that to say, my commute is quite funny most days. I shall make an attempt to notice the fun.

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