Day 39: The Field Continued

So, here is the second picture of the field that I have seen.

The picture was of someone searching with a very deep sense of longing, a longing so deep and so covered up with hurt and disappointment that it would surely never be filled. As they walked through an almost barren field, there was sunlight so crisp and beautiful that illuminated an area of the field. And the person was drawn to the sunlight, even though the field itself appeared just as barren.

The picture (I believe) is of God, showing that He is there in the barrenness, the emptiness, the loneliness. I felt like He was saying that the deep longing will never be fulfilled by anything that the world has offered, not relationship, not employment, not worldly success or fame. And this unfulfilled longing has led the person in the field to this place of emptiness, this vast barren wasteland of emotion. And finally they can hear God say, “I AM what you are longing for.”

All that to say, don't know if that speaks to you.

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