Day 38: The Field

I mentioned yesterday that from time to time I have visions. I know how crazy that sounds to most people. Heck, it still sounds crazy to me, but it's true. It really does happen. I'm not psychic or anything like that. I really think that God speaks to me in pictures and words because I am a visual learner. It's how He gets my attention.

One of my recurring visions sometimes comes as a dream and sometimes it comes while wide awake, sitting in a meeting or driving down the road. This vision involves a field. The field is always dead or fallow or covered in snow. It is never green, teeming with life, beautiful. It is always a sad and lonely place.

Several months ago, I saw the field, covered with snow, and it felt bitterly cold, desolate, barren. I did not want to be in the field. But I saw a person in the field, and in the very far distance a tree. A live tree. A tree bathed in sunlight. Sunlight and hope. Sunlight and Peace. (I know how that sounds, I'm just telling you what I saw and felt.) The person walked through the snow, compelled to get to the warmth that light offered. Many times as he trudged across the field, he fell down, almost assuredly near death from the biting cold of the snow. Several times he laid motionless, seemingly resigned to lay there and die.

But finally, he made it to the circle of the light that surrounded the tree, walked over to the tree, sat down next to it and leaned his back against it's trunk, and closed his eyes and went to sleep.

I never knew what that vision meant, except that it was clear to me, and probably to you, that the sunlight and tree represented God and the field represented the world. And somehow, I derived comfort from this picture.

All that to say, I have more about the Field to share with you, but this is enough for now. It might take you a while to get past the notion that I am WHACK, or off my rocker. I have never shared this in such an open forum before and frankly, it feels a bit risky. So be gentle.

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  1. i like you carol jones. how i wish i could learn from you more. so keep blogging! thanks. :)


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