Day 30: Wet Weighs More

I joined a running club with my friend, Kim. I had been running, sort of on a regular basis, but I confess I did find it easy to skip. I always had a good excuse too. It was too cold, or too late, or too dark, or too early, or I was too full . . . you get the picture.

My son, Jacob, is a runner, and he has been excellent at making me get out, even when I gave him a list of excuses, and truthfully, I felt like I was progressing well. My goal was to be able to run a mile without dying, and he helped me accomplish that in 2 days!

But, back to my friend, Kim. Kim is a runner. She says she isn't, but she is. But she lacked motivation. She couldn't seem to MAKE herself get out there and run, so I suggested we join this running club.

Our first day was Saturday and we did a beginner's pace on a 3 mile walk/run. Beginner my booty! But I hung in and made it. Kim, however, did not even appear to be winded. (I can't remember, why is she my friend again? She's skinnier than I am, younger than I am, friendlier than I am . . . AND more athletic?) At the end of our time together, our coach gave us instructions to run rain or shine, heat or cold, on every assigned day.

Today was our first non-class, non-group run, but Kim and I decided to run it together as soon as we got off work. We suited up and just as we started to run, it started to sprinkle. Undaunted we continued to run and when we were about a half a mile out, it started to POUR. So we ran back that half a mile in rain so heavy and so cold we could hardly see in front of us!

All that to say, we got soaked, but we ran! And when I got home, I weighed my wet clothes. They weighed 25 POUNDS!!!! Wet weighs more. So from now on, I will weigh BEFORE I get in the shower. :)

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  1. my mornings: crawl out of bed, pee, take off clothes, step on scale, step off scale (cursing it on the way down), THEN step in shower. except for THIS morning: i weighed, put clothes back on, went to bootcamp (at 5:15am!!), almost died, then came home and took a shower.

    i'm so glad you blog everyday. it makes my days better!


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