Day 25: More on Lost

I had a funny conversation with a guy today about Lost. I was telling him about how I have forgotten a few details of the early episodes because I was on drugs at the time. He commented to me that he was pretty sure being on drugs would actually help the show make even more sense.

As we talked about the show, I started laughing because it really is bizarre. Polar bears on a tropical island, and in the desert? A smoke monster that hides in the closet and also tears people limb from limb? Dead people talking to some, appearing to others? Those are just a few of the highlights!

In fact, the show is so bizarre that I have copied and pasted an excerpt from a facebook dialogue about Lost:

JAMES: Esau now lives in Loc's body, and Jacob now lives in Sayid's body. The flashes of light are splits in space and time that don't just transport people but actually "split" the person, creating "two" people... hence the headaches and nosebleeds. That's why we see so many "dead" people on the island. The bomb worked an...d the magnet shifted the poles melting the polar ice-caps that's why the statue is now under water.

JAMES: The last episode of last season left us with two guys on the island many many years ago, symbols of good and evil. Thats Jacob and Esau. Jacob visited Hurley and told him how to save Sayid. He had just been killed by Benjamin, and saw an opportunity to keep himself alive in Sayid (the same way Esau did when Ben killed Loc.) The whole polar Ice-cap melting thing is just my theory.

WADE: Wrong! Wrong! Wrong, James! Clearly the explanation of it all is Apes! Jack will leave the temple, head down the beach and find the head of the Statue of Liberty. Then Marky Mark will talk to animals.

Yes, it clearly all makes sense now.

All that to say, I don't know why I watch this show. However, it does have some interesting parallels to the Gospel. Doubt me? Read The Gospel According to Lost by Chris Seay.

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