Day 66: I'm So Dizzy, My Head is Spinning

I am still dizzy. But today, I'm dizzy and a little bit (gross understatement) mad. I'm dizzy for the same reason I have been dizzy since Saturday . . . I have vertigo. I'm mad because my doctor called me today to see how I am doing.

You would think that call would make me happy, and maybe it does a little, happy to know that my doctor actually has given me some thought since I saw him on Monday. Happy to know that doctors still care about how their patients are doing. But sadly, I'm mostly just frustrated.

His phone call (via his nurse) was to ask me how I was feeling, was I still dizzy, did I have any new symptoms, etc. When I reported I was exactly the same, no change, no better, no worse, just dizzy, maddeningly dizzy, the nurse assured me she would pass that info on to the doctor and I would hear back.

True to her word, I did hear back, in less than 10 minutes no less! She said the doctor wanted to put me on some medication that might help. Now here's the part that's frustrating. On Monday, he told me that there really wasn't any medication that they could give me that would help. They gave me some head movement exercises (designed to make you look stupid and feel even more dizzy apparently), but said that medication wouldn't help. So WHY, FOUR DAYS LATER, will medication suddenly help me? I'm confused. And mad. And sick of being dizzy.

To help me lessen my anger, I have made a list of all the funny things about being dizzy:

--I can't walk in a straight line. I pull to the left, sort of like a car pulls to the left when it needs a front-end alignment. (No comments about me needing a front-end alignment please).

--Periodically, I have to close my eyes until the room stops spinning, but this doesn't keep me from continuing the conversation that we are having . . . I just talk with my eyes closed. Then I peek one eye open to see if the room has lessened its spin.

--I tilt my head from one side to the other, sort of like a dog does when trying to discern a sound.

--I sleep with both arms out to my side (sort of like a snow angel position) because that helps stop the feeling that I am going to spin off my bed at any given moment.

All that to say, I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning.

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