Day 52: Happy Birthday Cub

This is Jacob's first birthday post ever. It's his first because he hates it when I write about him, but I didn't ask this year, I just did it! Jacob is 24 years old today. He was born, on schedule, weighing in at 7 lbs and 13oz.

In honor of his birthday, I would like to point out some things about Jacob that I like.

1. He's funny and makes us laugh.
2. He's persistent and doesn't give up easily.
3. He's persuasive and can convince others to do what he wants on a fairly regular basis! (Our entire family is running, just to give you one example!)
4. He's not afraid of a challenge.
5. He actually enjoys coffee!
6. He loves others unconditionally. I cannot honestly say that about another living soul that I know.
7. He has a heart for the marginalized of the world, which led him to start his very own non-profit organization called The Shoe Shed.
8. He likes Grey's Anatomy.
9. He loves Jesus.
10. He has grown up to be okay with our entire family calling him "Cub"; a nickname that his brother gave him when he was a baby.

All that to say, Happy Birthday Jacob. I love you.

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