Day 50: Fifty Days of Blogging

It's been fifty days of blogging so far. The idea was to blog with photographs, and I confess, I have been woefully poor at practicing with my camera, and even worse about posting the ones I take.

But, I'm pretty proud of the fact that other than being on vacation, I've done pretty well at posting daily, even when I had absolutely nothing worthy of writing about!

Today, is my day off, and I have so much work-related work to do. I hate having to work on my day off. And I have learned from past experience that it's a slippery slope. You say it's a one time thing, and before you know it, it happens again. And then again. And then again. And then you're working all the time and not doing anything you enjoy.

So, I'm going to work today. I have to. I have two meeting scheduled and three days until I have to present some big reports. BUT, I'm not going to stay on this slippery slope.

All that to say, if you see me blogging about working on my day off, yell at me. (THAT'S ALL CAPS IN TYPING LAND)

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