Day 60: How Did We Survive?

I'm writing this knowing that it instantly dates me, but oh well. As I was driving to work this morning, the DJ's on the morning show were discussing what to do with your kids during spring break. One of the people that phoned in talked about riding bikes with her little kids and that prompted a discussion of helmets and knee pads and the like. THAT led my brain to start thinking about all the crazy, dangerous things we did as kids! How in the world did we survive?

For example:
1. How did we survive riding bikes without helmets and kneepads?
2. How did we survive cars without seatbelts?
3. How did we survive walking to school or riding our bikes to school without a parental escort?
4. How did we survive eating red dye?
5. How did we survive eating food cooked with bacon grease which was stored in the empty coffee can on the stovetop?
6. How did we survive eating dyed Easter Eggs that sat out on the kitchen cabinet for days?
7. How did we survive on an allowance that was less than $20?
8. How did we survive school busses without emergency exit windows?
9. How did we survive long car trips without a personal dvd player?
10. How did we survive preschool without a tv in our bedrooms?

Oh the torture and danger we endured as kids.

All that to say, it's nothing short of a miracle we survived our childhoods.

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