Day 63: Life Spills Over

I am a dreamer. Not a dreamer as in I think about what "could be" in life, but a dreamer as in I have a very ACTIVE dream life when I am asleep.

Usually, and sadly, my dreams are incredibly violent and horrific. Someone is always getting chased or eaten by giant spiders or eaten by zombies or attacked by werewolves while sitting on the toilet. (Funny aside, I used to always be the one getting chased in my dreams, and I could never run, so I would scream this gutteral scream that would be an actual scream that would wake up my husband. BUT, ever since I started running in real life, I don't get chased in my dreams anymore. Weird)

Sometimes my dreams are fantastical dreams where dragons and little girls are best friends, or the clouds are made of meringue and when it rains, pies fall from the sky.

And sometimes my dreams are just an overflow of life. Things happen in the daytime that my brain wants to chew on, but I won't let it (at least while I am awake) so when I fall asleep, my subconcious likes to problem solve for me.

I read somewhere that means that I have not given the proper amount of thought to the problem while awake. Could be. I have also read that when real life spills over into your dream life it means that you need to organize your thoughts a little better during the day (ie: write stuff down, make lists, etc.)so you don't worry you will forget stuff.

All that to say, I could use a night of sleep without dreams . . . or at least a dream with Brad Pitt in it (minus that gross beard of course).

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