Day 64: I Feel the Earth Move

I have vertigo. For those of you who don't know what vertigo is, it's where your brain tells your body that it is moving or that the world around you is moving. This "movement" is really better described as spinning. (Think back to college and that trash can punch you drank that one time and how it made the bed spin out of control . . . same sensation. Not fun.)

I had this once before, a lot of years ago, and the doctor told me it was caused from allergies and an inflammation in the inner ear. He gave me a whopping steroid shot and sure enough, it went away the next day.

This time, my doctor gave me a long explanation of my problem and told me there was really nothing medically speaking that they could do for me. Here's what he told me.

"The vestibular labyrinth, inside the ear, includes semicircular canals (loop-shaped structures) that contain fluid and tiny hair-like sensors that monitor the rotation of the head. The otolith organs, also in the ear, monitor movements of the head and its position. There are crystals in the otolith organs that make us sensitive to movement. Sometimes, when the patient is lying down, these crystals can become dislodged and move into one of the semicircular canals, making it sensitive to head position changes - something it would not normally do. This unusual response to head movements by the semicircular canal can give patients vertigo symptoms."

I especially liked reading that this is most common in elderly patients. ELDERLY.

My "onset" was most likely caused from a violent sneezing episode I had on Friday night, which set this whole thing in motion. No pun intended.

They say it only lasts a few hours or days, typically, sometimes weeks or months. The downside is I can't do anything but sit around. No driving for sure. Limited reading, watching tv, computer (ARGH!). And, if you know me at all, you know I don't do "limited" very well!

Supposedly the cessation of my symptoms will come on as quickly as the onset. Those little wayward crystals will find themselves a proper place to rest and I will be well. I hope that happens soon.

All that to say, I feel the earth move and it is not nearly as fun as Carole King makes it sound.

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