Day 59: Choosing Good

Knowing good and doing it are two different things. I think so often that we know the right thing to do, the good thing, but we choose the "less right" thing or the "less good" thing because those things are easier or will get us our way.

How is it that acquiring what we want is a better way in our brains than choosing what is right? It truly makes no sense. I'm am not innocent of this method of choice making. I suspect you are not either.

Imagine if we chose the good thing, the right thing every time. How different would our lives look? They wouldn't be filled with self-indulgence and the fruits of such; of that I am certain. It's seems so simple when I write it, when I see it in black and white print. Choose the good way. Don't choose the self-indulgent way. What I want for myself is just possibly not the best thing for me.

All that to say, as Grandma used to say, "Life is a series of small good choices."

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  1. So true! this is something God keeps reminding me. I read John Maxwell's "today matters" awhile back. the things i do today affects all of my tomorrows. it makes so much sense yet it's so "unnatural" to actually think that way!


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