Day Two: Presence

We have a new puppy. Technically, Jacob has a new puppy. It's actually a good deal for all of us, because we get all the benefits of having a puppy, but he's Jacob's responsibility. Now THAT'S a turn of events for sure. When the kids were little "we" had a puppy, but "they" got all of the benefits and "we" did all of the work. But now Jacob scoops the poop, takes him out for his 3:00 a.m. potty needs, feeds him, takes him to the vet . . . and we, we play with him.

The thing is, Sawyer, (that's his name)is most assuredly Jacob's pet, and Jacob is most assuredly Sawyer's boy. He follows Jacob everywhere! He HAS to be in the same room with Jacob no matter where that room is. If Jacob lays down, Sawyer lays down right next to him, or as close as he can get. As long as he's with Jacob, he's content.

I watched them playing last night, and it made me think of God. (I know, I'm spiritualizing a dog!) But watching Sawyer follow Jacob around made me think of God and how I used to long for His presence. And it made me wonder when I lost that. I am with Him everyday, but I am not content to just be with Him. I need His undivided attention. I need Him to be talking to me every second that I am with Him. I need Him to make sure I know that He is listening to me. I am no longer just content to be in His presence. And I miss that.

All that to say, I miss just sitting as His feet. I miss just being content to feel the warmth of Him, the peace that emanates from Him, the comfort that comes from just being near. The comfort of presence.


  1. I love the picture of Sawyer; it looks like he has a heart on his forehead. That will be a reminder to Jacob that he is loved. Just as the daily reminder of seeing God in everything around us is His reminder that He loves us.

  2. Kelly's right. Sawyer does have a heart on his forehead! I had to go back and look at the picture a second time.

    I'm glad you are going to blog everyday this year...
    I miss reading them when you skip a couple of weeks.
    Here's to 2010 and all it holds in store for us.
    Becky J.


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