Day 7: I Prefer Rich Auburn

I went to get my hair colored today. I know, I just let the cat out of the bag. Those big blond streaks through my hair are NOT natural highlights. Shocking. And that rich auburn color that runs beneath those blond streaks is also not my real hair color. I don't actually know what my real hair color is anymore. I haven't seen that in years! It's probably gray-ish. But I prefer rich Auburn and blond highlights to gray-ISH.

I like getting my hair colored. The majority of the experience is quite pleasant. First of all, there's Linda Paredon. Funny, but I only recently learned Linda's last name. That's especially odd because she has been my "color girl" for the last nine years! Even when I lived in Georgia, I tried to coordinate my hair coloring with my trips to Texas so that she could do it. She really is that good. Plus, I just like her. She's fun, and funny, and real. Today she said, "What is it that you do again?" and when I laughed and said, "I'm a Pastor" she said, "I guess I forgot that." And then she said something about me not acting like a "Pastor." I always think it's a good thing when people say that.

And I usually like what my hair looks like when it's finished. I feel it necessary to say that anytime I have EVER been unhappy, it was not Linda's fault, because anytime I have left unhappy, it was because I had to "settle" for someone other than Linda while she was out having a baby or taking a vacation or something else that TOTALLY interfered with my life. (Just kidding Linda . . . sort of). Today, I liked it. :)

But some parts of getting my hair colored I do not like.

Today, I did not like "graduating" to the gray smock. I normally wear the black smock. It's for the smaller girls. But today, the assistant put her hand on the black smock, eyed me critically and chose the gray smock instead. Seriously? I was not prepared for that.

I do not like sitting with foils in my hair, but I console myself with the thought that there are people all around me with foils in their hair, so at least if I'm going to look stupid, others are looking stupid with me!

I do not like sitting under the dryer for 25 minutes. It's boring and a little challenging physically. You can't really people watch because you can't move your head around. And the chairs are sort of an odd height, so my back hurts at the end of that 25 minutes. From there, my hurting back and I go to the shampoo chairs which are TOTALLY not comfortable.

I do not like the shampoo part at the end. I usually end up with water on my face or down my back or down my bra (happened today). I keep thinking one day they will be slow or distracted and the girl (or guy) washing my hair will become absorbed in their own thoughts and mindlessly massage my head until suddenly reality will snap them back and they will have whiled away the 5-10 minutes that I must sit there with toner on my head. And I will have gotten a nice massage. That's never happened. But I keep hoping.

And my LEAST favorite part is the part at the very end where I have to pay. Followed by having to explain to my husband why it costs soooooo much not to have gray hair.

All that to say, I said that the majority of the experience is quite pleasant. But, based on this blog it sounds like the best parts are Linda and Linda's work! So, let me just say, I like having pretty hair, and I like that Linda makes it look that way! (oh, and she's at Visible Changes in The Woodlands Mall if you were wondering!)


  1. can i get your strategy for the "explaining to my husband why it costs soooooo much"? i need tips. :)

  2. Bah, hah, hah Courtney. I used to go with, "I do almost nothing for myself, and I don't get a haircut nearly as often as you do, so if you add it all up, it's really not that much."

    Now I go with, "Babe, I make you look good, and that costs money."


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