Day 15: Always Connected

Today I spent my last day with Cathy and Katherine. It was wonderful and fun and bittersweet all wrapped into one. There is something very healing and healthy about a good time with sweet friends. When we went to church this morning, one of my friends there said, "I can tell you are having fun together because your face looks happy."

My favorite part of the day was not the early morning discussion over coffee. It wasn't Katherine consuming MASS quantities of salsa at Guadalajara or her saying, "I'm full, I should stop eating . . . but I'm not going to!" It wasn't the multiple times I suddenly remembered I was in charge of giving Katherine directions and then yelling, "TURN HERE!"

My favorite part of the day was not all the times those girls were on their phones (SERIOUSLY! You two need therapy!)

My favorite part of the day wasn't sitting at Sonic laughing about my amazing ability to outsmart automated phone answering services (I have a secret that works everytime!)

It wasn't when the K(C)atherines found out their flights back to Atlanta had been CANCELLED and the drama of that.

It wasn't even Cathy getting stuck on the down escalator (sorry Cathy!)and Katherine almost falling to the ground from laughter.

My favorite part of the day was worshipping the Jesus that we all love, standing next to each other with our hands in the air. It was feeling the words of God pierce our hearts. It was hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit speak to us challenging things we needed to hear. That was the favorite part of my day.

All that to say, words cannot adequately convey the emotion that comes from knowing that the friends you love, love your Savior. No matter how far the miles are between us, we are always connected by Him.

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