Day 9: Hell Does Not Have a Driver's License

Let me begin by saying that there is no photo for today's blog. I had a dilemma, do I skip the blog because I don't have a photo to go with it, or do I blog without a photo? I voted for the blog with no photo. I promise to do better in the photography area!!!

Today I drove to work as I do every morning, well, most every morning. I know I have mentioned it enough times that most of you, my readers, know I have a bit of a road rage issue. It comes from commuting while I lived in Atlanta. Atlanta traffic is horrendous and probably the cause of many cases of road rage.

One of my particular pet peeves is slow drivers. Slow drivers make me crazy. I mean really, is it that difficult to drive the speed limit? Usually when I ask that question my husband tells me that the posted speed limit is the maximum speed limit, not the minimum. :) He's a slow driver. He would say that.

Anyway, today as I was driving down a two lane road that is typically a pleasant part of my commute, I got trapped behind an 18 wheeler going 30 in a 45. THIRTY!!!!! in a FORTY FIVE!!!!!! (I spelled it out because you can't yell in numbers!) Seriously, he was going 30 in a 45. The whole time I was behind him I was groaning and moaning and lamenting how horrible it was that I was stuck behind this guy when I so OBVIOUSLY had someplace I had to be.

Finally, when I had reached my wit's end (or some other end, because I am certain I was acting like the end of something!) I yelled out, "Oh this is hell. I am stuck in traffic hell." And then immediately I felt the voice of God say, "Really Carol, this is hell to you? Really? Really."

Oh man. I hate it when that happens. When I get so caught up in myself that I say something stupid like that. Really, is it really hell that I was going slower than I wanted to? That was hell to me? And then the picture of all those babies in Haiti without mothers came to me. All those kids left to be picked off by predators. All those families who had lost everything. And I had the audacity to think hell was driving 15 miles an hour slower than I thought I should be going.

All that to say, conviction is a marvelous and terrible thing. And I don't have any idea what hell is.

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