Day 8: Not Mundane

There are many things in life that we consider mundane. My life each day is filled with mundane things. Dishes, laundry, traffic, unmade beds, messy kitchens, meetings, phone calls to return. Mundane. And I could choose to go about my life as though my life was mundane, boring, insignificant, meaningless.

But I choose differently. And I choose differently because I saw a little girl pulled from the rubble of her life, after spending four days underneath that rubble without food or water.

I cannot imagine her pain or the pain of those who have lost everything in their life. I think that the idea of an unmade bed would be anything but mundane to them. A messy kitchen with dirty dishes would mean their lives had not been turned upside down.

It has become so easy for me to take life for granted. And I realized today that I am incredibly ashamed of that. I am ashamed that I consider my life trivial and mundane when it is FILLED with blessings at every turn.

All that to say, my life is not mundane. It is priceless. Filled with treasure.

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