Day 14: I'm Older

In my defense, I would like to just say that I am almost 9 years older than them. Nine years is a lot of years people, especially when you are my age! Things break down at my age. Things that botox cannot fix Cathy!

Today, Cathy and Katherine and I decided to spend a good bit of our day doing what lots of people do when they visit out of town friends. We went running. (who does that?!!) I ran the farthest I have gone to date. Technically it was still a walk/run or a wog(walk/jog), but I did three miles and at a 13 minute mile pace, which isn't terrible for walking and running. Cathy and Katherine however ran 7 miles, not walk/run, run (well, sort of shuffling, sort of jogging), but nonetheless, they went 7 miles and probably could have gone farther. But again, I'm older than them.

Tonight, we all went out to dinner at Cathy's favorite restaurant, Tommy Bahamas, and I complained most of the night about how bad my legs hurt, how bad my bootie hurt, how bad my quads hurt, my knees hurt, . . . But they did not complain at all. Oh no, they said things like, "well, I can feel my legs." Well I can FEEL MY LEGS TOO AND THEY HURT!!!! Did I mention I am nine years older than them?

We took a "before" picture right before we went out running. (I'll post it when/if I get it from Katherine) and then we forgot to take an after picture. So I took these "after" pictures when we got home.

They will probably not like these pictures, but I would like to just say, I was standing when I took them. And although I may not walk tomorrow, and they might be able to, I would just like to point out that at no time did I have to lay on the ground. (I did have to biofreeze my quads and knees and shins) but I was still standing. And yes, I know they ran 7 miles and I only wogged 3, but I need to feel proud about something!

All that to say, we had fun today. Even if running seems like a crazy way to hang out.

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