Day Five: Not for the Weak


Ummm yeah, so I have lived 48 years without one of these. I don't exactly know how that is possible, but it is true. And now, now I have one. Actually, I have multiples, and they hurt, and they are gross, and they make people look away in horror, or worse yet, they make people lick their lips unconsciously while trying to look away, yet find themselves inexplicably drawn to the horror that is before them.

What am I talking about? FEVER BLISTERS. Ugh. I do not know how I have survived 48years without a fever blister, but I hope to never ever ever have one again. I started getting one about a week ago. Of course, I didn't know that's what it was, because I have never had one, so I took absolutely NO ONE'S advice to go and buy Abreva. I just kept thinking my lips were chapped and kept rubbing Vaseline on them.

A few days later, the first "blister" appeared. It was kind of hard to tell if it was a blister though, or if it was just my chapped lips cracking. So I applied more Vaseline. The next day, more blisters. The next day, more blisters. Ugh.

(This picture does not do it justice!)

So finally I bought the stupid Abreva. As of yet, the blisters are not diminishing, but now the stupid scabs are forming on the old blisters. So it's not enough to have a swollen lip with blisters! I now have to have SCABS!!! Peeling scabs that stick up in horrific 3D off of my lip.

All that to say, my stupid lip hurts and I'm horrifically aware of it, as are others. I was thinking that fever blisters are like sin. You kinda know it's there, but left to run amok, it starts popping up all over the place until it's gross and ugly and cannot be ignored! Yes . . . I can even spiritualize fever blisters.

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  1. Great, and yet amusingly gross, analogy of sin. I love you and your scabby fever blister!

    Love, "Lorraina"


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