Day One: Learn Something New

I took a photography class on Friday from my good friend, Shauna Maness. I used to be a "learner" meaning that I tried to learn something new all the time. Seems like work and life have gotten the best of me and all I seem to learn lately are things about myself that I either don't like, or that other's don't like, or that God doesn't like and I should change. I guess that's still learning, and good learning at that.

But I mean I used to learn new skills all the time. I learned how to knit. I learned how to crochet (I was HORRIBLE at it!). I learned how to quilt. I learned sign language. I learned some Spanish, but not really enough to be functional. I learned how to play c,d,g & e on the guitar so I could play songs to my first graders when I taught first grade. I have missed learning new things. And I have wanted to take a photography class for a long time, so I FINALLY took one!

During the class, we started talking about what we do to be creative, do we scrapbook (oh yeah, I learned that too), do we sing, paint, draw, etc. And Shauna mentioned that I catalog life by writing. I guess I never thought of it in those terms, but I suppose that is what I do. As part of the conversation, she mentioned something about a 365 day journal, a blog of life, that incorporates something from each day in pictures.

I suppose a 365 day journal would make a lot more sense starting it on January 1st, but that has come and gone, so instead, I am starting it on January 10, 2010. A 365 day journal of life and memories and photographs and lessons learned.

All that to say, I have never blogged 365 days in a row. We'll have to see how it goes. Stay tuned.

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