Day 19: All Plugged In

I spent most of my day today on my computer and on the phone. I actually have a little red bump on my hand from resting on my laptop all day. And my right ear hurts from having a phone up against it!

Why, you ask, was I on the phone all day? Well I will tell you. I was plugging people in. That's what I call it. I was helping them figure out how to match their gifts with opportunities to serve in the church and out in the world! Maybe to you that sounds draining, but to me, it was totally life giving, even though I am starting to feel myself come down off of the adrenaline.

Making "connection" phone calls can be challenging at times. There was this one guy I called and when I said, "Is this so-and-so?" He said, "Yes." And then when I said who I was and why I was calling "I'm calling because you filled out a card saying you wanted to find a place to serve" he said, "Oh, so-and-so's not here." Really? :) I got a good laugh at that.

Then I called this one guy and he was so nice. He was still even nice when he told me I had already called him and plugged him in! LOL. (I need to make better notes!)

The fun thing about these phone calls is that most people are so thrilled that I called them. Overjoyed to finally find a place to get plugged in, to feel connected. Mostly that's what people want. They want to belong somewhere.

All that to say, I love my job. I love helping figure out what they were created to do and to help them find the thing God has called them to do with their life. So life giving . . . life giving for both of us.

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