Day 152: Who's Your Daddy

We play this game with the girls all the time called, "Who's that?" You know, the game where you point to people in the room and say, "Who's that?" (It's a favorite in the toddler crowd)

It's been fun to watch the progression of how they have pronounced our names over the past year. Each month their speech develops a little bit more and each month our names become a lot clearer.

In the beginning our names were: "Their pronunciation"/(our name)

"Mommy" (Mimi) (they called everybody mommy or mama, so we just went with it)
"Pot" (Pops)
"ZZZZZZZZZatch" (Zack)
"Te-Da" (Jacob) (I guess they were going more for a syllable match here, since they couldn't make either a "J" or a "k" sound)

By the end of summer, we were

Mimi (most of the time)
Te-cup or sometimes Te-dup

And most recently we are:
Zaaacckk (they say this loud and really drug out . . . apparently I must have modeled this!)
Jacup or sometimes still Tedup.

The point being, they say our names pretty well, and they know who we are.

So the other night, we were playing, "Who's that?' And they successfully named Jacob, and when they weren't giggling instead of saying my name, they said "Mimi." But when we asked Baby N who Mike was she said, "My Daddy."

We were all stunned for two reasons. She doesn't talk very plainly at all. Her speech is significantly delayed. And, we have never referred to Mike as Daddy and they have never called him "Daddy." But she said it so perfectly. "My Daddy."

At the end of the day, I think we all need our Daddy. We need someone who is Daddy to us. I believe God placed that need deep down inside us, and when we let it, the need for "Daddy" draws us to Him.

All that to say, "Who's your daddy?"

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