Day 142: Dinner Dinner

I don't really know how to start this blog tonight.

I thought about telling you how difficult it has been over the months to find a food that the girls love that they don't end up being allergic to.

I thought about telling you how difficult it can be to come home at 5:30, pick up two toddlers who have been in day care all day, try to cook dinner while giving them all the attention they need AND cook something that is good and good for us all.

But instead, I thought I would tell you a story that really depicts what a great mom I am. A story that depicts how much my babies love my cooking.

Tonight, we were sitting around in the living room, (Zack, the girls, and Christina)talking and playing silly games, when all of a sudden Mike walked in the front door carrying two boxes.

Baby S yelled (really more a squeal of delight) "PIZZA!" Baby N heard the squeal and went running for her high chair trying to climb over the front of it, over the tray, saying over and over and over, "pizza, pizza, pizza."

Keep in mind, these girls barely speak at all, and yet THEY BOTH can say "pizza" as clear as a bell.

All that to say, pizza. It's what's for dinner.

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