Day 146: Clarity

I was sitting in church a few weeks ago trying to listen and look at the person who was teaching that week. It was a bit difficult to see him though because of my contact situation.

I am trying out contacts where I have one for near vision in one eye and one for distance vision in the other eye.

Supposedly, over time, your brain figures out which eye needs to "switch on" in any given circumstance.

I wear my near vision contact in my left eye and my distance vision contact in my right eye.

Hang with me now, all of this vision and contact explanation is important to my story.

You see, when I was sitting in church, there was a man in front of me. Not directly in front of me. He was sitting a little to my right, allowing me only to see the Pastor and the large screen out of my left eye. Keep in mind that the contact in my left eye only allows me to see close up and the preacher and screen were far away.

So EVERYTHING was blurry.

Even the man's head in front of me, because his head was directly in front of my right eye, which has a contact that sees distance vision.

Finally, after trying to figure out how to see, I just got up and moved.

And voila! Instantly clear vision. With nothing to block my right eye (my distance eye), I could see both the Pastor and the large screen!

Clarity is like that. It often comes from a simple change of scenery. A different perspective.

All that to say, if you're having trouble gaining clarity, why not try looking from a different perspective? You might be astounded at the results.

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