Day 149: Best Plans

I'm on vacation. I have three days this week to really get a lot of things accomplished.

Being the list maker, I made a list of everything I needed to do, even wrote down what days each of those things would be accomplished.

This is my actual to do list from Day One:

Wake up at 6:00 a.m.
Drop off girls at school at 7:30
Have quiet time until 8:30ish
Go to office for prayer at 9:00 and pick up any packages there
10:30 Clean upstairs bathroom and install shower curtain, towels, etc.
11:00 Unpack all boxes that say "guest room"
12:00 Eat lunch and get pedicure. Buy storage baskets for girl's room and sheer curtains.
1:30 Organize girl's room and closet. Line drawers in their bedroom.
3:30 Make list of anything still needed in girl's room
3:40 Clean Kitchen and decide on something for dinner
4:00 Take a break. Take a walk.
4:30 Clean laundry room and my bedroom. Put away all clothes. Organize pajamas into categories (footed, long sleeve/long pants, short sleeve/long pants, short sleeve/short pants) Store accordingly
5:15 Walk to pick up girls from school

Here is what actually happened.
6:00 Wake up. Decide not to shower. Sleep until 6:30
7:00 Wake up Baby N first. She's burning hot. Take her temperature. It's 101.6
7:30 After holding Baby N for a while, wake up Baby S. Whew. She's not hot.
8:30 When Jacob arrives to watch "N", take "S" to school.
8:45 Drink Coffee and talk to Jacob.
9:00 Call Dr. and make appt for Baby N, wash my hair, (regretting that decision not to shower)
9:45 Get sick toddler ready. Load her into car.
10:15 Arrive at Doctor.
12:30 Leave Doctor
1:00 Arrive at Drug Store
1:30 Feed Baby N Lunch
1:45 Put her down for nap and eat my lunch
2:15 Clean laundry room
2:45 Clean upstairs bathroom. Install shower curtains, towels, etc.
3:15 Start cleaning my bedroom. Organize pajamas.
4:15 Take a break. Take a walk. Blog.
5:00 Get Baby N out of bed.

Yep. Pretty much nothing on my to do list happened. (except for the things in red)

All that to say, I have so many new things scheduled for day two. Those things won't happen. I have a sick baby. Poor thing. I hate it when they are sick. I hate it worse than not accomplishing my to do list. Oh well. Maybe another time.

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