Day 141: Moving Out

My sons are moving out. I know many of you are saying in your heads right now, "It's about time." And it is. For them. For us. It's time to move forward with all of our lives.

I will bet that the last year+ has not been easy on them, (other than the free rent and meals thing) because the thing is, when your children live with you, they are still your children, and you still have this need to treat them like your children.

The things that annoyed you when they were children and lived at home, still annoy you when they are adults and live at home. The dirty laundry, dirty dishes, dirty bedrooms, dirty bathroom, dirty cars. Yep. Still annoying.

It's not like I don't have dirty laundry, dishes, bedroom, bathroom and car. I do. But it's somehow more annoying because THEY should be clean and tidy. But they aren't.

And I'll just bet that they are annoyed with me reminding them that I am annoyed with all of that. And asking where they are going and when they'll be back and who they'll be with and reminding them to be safe, and drive safely, and not to drink and drive, or text and drive, or speed and drive.

So it's time for them to move out. The next step is here. On to adulthood. And careers. And marriages. And children. And life. I pray their lives will be filled with the most incredible adventures and a sense of purpose planted deeply in them by God.

All that to say, we won't be empty nesters. We still have babies. But we will be emptier nesters. And I'm pretty excited about that. (And a little sad)

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