Day 150: Sweet Sounds

Baby N is still sick. So starts Day Two of my vacation.

She woke up early this morning crying. She doesn't usually cry out in her sleep. Her sister does. Almost every night. But not her. She's more of a "fretter" in her sleep.

I don't think she's every gotten a really peaceful night of sleep, ever. She moves all over her bed, and I mean all over it! And if she awakens, even ever so slightly, she bangs her head. I know I have mentioned this before. And by "bangs her head" I mean that she pounds her head into her mattress as though she is hammering a nail into it with her forehead.

Day Two.

I had a few errands to run and Baby N seemed to be feeling okay, though her temperature would say otherwise. (Yeah, I'm THAT mom who drags her sick kid all over creation.) So I decided to drive up to the church and drop off the food donations and clothing donations and check to see if any of my online orders had arrived yet.

Then Baby N and I set off into Houston for a little IKEA time. I traded some IKEA shopping with Zack for some free babysitting. Truth is, he probably would have done the babysitting anyway and I probably would have gone to IKEA for him, but I guess we felt better thinking we were bartering our time. (Did I mention we're type A's?)

She sang for about 10 minutes at the top of her lungs. All her favorites. Wheels on the bus. If you're happy and you know it. My red wagon. And then just as suddenly there were now sounds coming from the backseat. She was sound asleep. At 9:30 a.m. hmmmm. I guess that early morning wore her out and she needed a little nap.

When we arrived at IKEA we were 10 minutes early (the store doesn't open til 10 if you ever wondered). So Baby N proceeded to wave hello to EVERYONE who walked up (and I do mean EVERYONE). Then she would say in the sweetest little stuffy-nosed voice "marning" and blow them all kisses. Seriously, they should have paid us for that.

Long story short, we made it back home, happy and hungry. Had a yummy chicken salad for lunch and then I put her in bed for a nap. That was 30 minutes ago. She's singing. What a sweet little sound. I kinda want to be mad at her for not going to sleep. I really need that nap time to get some things accomplished. But just when I think I will go lay her down and tell her to go to sleep, she yells into her monitor in this delightfully happy little voice. "I luh u Mimi. Up peas." (translated, I love you Mimi. May I get up please?)

All that to say, I have had a morning filled with sweet little sounds. I loved it. Now maybe I will hear a little snoring coming out of her monitor. :)

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