Day 148: Praying for the Woman of Their Dreams

I wrote a blog a while back entitled, "Being the Man of Her Dreams."

It was a blog about teaching my sons how to really love a woman . . . how to be the man of her dreams.

Because they are at a stage in life where they are looking for (or may have found) the woman of their dreams, I wanted to offer some wisdom about finding Mrs. Right.

"Someday you will meet a woman that you believe is the woman of your dreams. Perhaps you will base this belief on some superficial criteria, like her body type or her facial appearance or her hair color. I hope that if I have taught you anything, it's that things like that don't really matter. Don't think you'll recognize the woman of your dreams by the way she looks. You won't.

Perhaps you will base your belief on some common interests you have, like musical artists or sports teams or favorite movies. Common interests are certainly good, but they won't be the measuring stick you should use either.

Or perhaps you will base your belief on chemistry. Physical chemistry. Maybe her hand touching yours sparks something in you that makes you want to know more about her. Chemistry is good. And dangerous. Very dangerous. It is most assuredly something that can indicate you have met the woman of your dreams. But this chemistry can also be something that gets distorted into a very dangerous thing called lust.

So many things can convince you that you have met the woman of your dreams, my sons. So how will you know you have met her? I don't think there is a checklist. There are a few non-negotiables. But no real checklist.

So if I can give you any advice, it is this. You will know that you have met the woman of your dreams when you can simply be yourself with her. You can be real and authentic and vulnerable, and so can she. Remember, she will complete you. She will bring out the good in you that perhaps lies dormant. She will soften the harsh sides of you. She will deeply respect you.

My sons, love, true love, comes slowly. And it grows and matures and blossoms with time. So give it time. In time, the real woman of your dreams will be very apparent. And when it is, then be the man of her dreams.

All that to say, a mother's prayer is answered when her sons find the woman God created for them. A mother spends her lifetime praying for that woman. I have prayed for these women since your births my sons.

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