Day 143: Salvation

I've started this blog three different times today, erased it, started over, erased that, logged off, logged back in, started over, erased it. . . madness.

I can't decide how to tell you this story and do it justice. I'm sure I will reduce it (with my limited writing prowess)to a trite story of insignificance, but it was such a great moment that I really want you to grasp it in it's fullness.

I met a woman at church today. She'd been many times, but suddenly fell off the face of the earth. Her life isn't easy. She's a Christ follower and her husband isn't, and that's only the tip of the iceberg that makes her life very difficult.

She told me she'd been away because she was struggling with some of our theology, namely the notion that we believe once you are saved you are always saved. Once you have received the gift of salvation through Christ, you cannot lose that gift.

She just can't believe it. And yet in not believing it, she has been tormented by this fear that she would lose her salvation.

So I just asked her, "Do you believe that a God who would sacrifice His ONLY son for you would then sow in you such a deep fear that you would lose the salvation He sacrificed so much to offer?" And she burst into tears.

I said, "The God I worship doesn't sow fear into the hearts of His followers. In fact, He tells me not to fear."

And all this took place in the FOYER before church ever started. And the message today? Salvation through grace. Amazing.

I'm sure I haven't done this justice.

All that to say, trust me. It was cool. I watched someone get delivered from a very deep fear. Way cool.

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