Day 138: What to Pray For

I have two sayings that I say a lot.

"It's hard to know what to pray for."


"I could make a case either way."

These are phrases I use when I don't have a clue what to do, OR if I know what I would do, but it doesn't match what the person seeking my advice WANTS to do.

So, when I feel this way, as I do right now about many things, I simply pray for wisdom for myself (since I am the one being asked for the advice), and peace for the other person who has the decision to make.

Sometimes it really is hard to know what to pray for. Our heart, our desires, our emotions, our brains, our experience . . . ALL of those things can get in the way of hearing God and what He wants.

There have been times when I have wanted something so badly that I have worked hard to make sure that very thing happened. Some call this manipulation. Some call it being a control freak. I simply call it a lack of faith. A lack of faith in what God has planned.

And I have been learning this for some time, but it has been especially clear over the past few months how disastrous THAT behavior is. Getting your own way, a way that is in opposition to what God has in store. Not good, people. Not good.

So I won't control, though I want to. Though I want to scream at the top of my lungs and say "DO THIS. DON'T DO THAT!" I want to say, "There are other options. There are other choices. The consequences of THAT decision will be far reaching."

Instead, I will pray. Pray for wisdom and peace.

All that to say, breathe. I'm breathing, Lord. Perhaps I need wisdom and peace as well.

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  1. thanks for another great post this am! just what i needed to read this am.
    and thank you for the voice message last night. it was exactly what i felt...
    i wish God would answer my questions of, "why", sometimes....i'm just sayn'.

    love you and hope your day is great!!!


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