Day 153: Dance It Out

I am a Grey's fan. Grey's Anatomy for those of you who didn't immediately recognize the spelling. It's perhaps not the most wholesome show on TV, I confess. But nonetheless, I watch it faithfully, Tivo it, watch it online, whatever it takes.

It's pretty surprising how much of Grey's language has even seeped into our culture. For example, the phrase, "my people" has been around a long time. You know, "I'll have my people call your people." But the phrase, "my person," that's from Grey's. For those of you who don't watch the show, "My Person" is your person that you can go to for anything. You share your hurts, your dreams, your failures, your successes with this person. And no matter what, they speak truth into your life, and they love you unconditionally. If any of us ever have "a person" in our lives, we should count ourselves pretty lucky.

Another Greyism is the phrase "Dance it out." When life has you down, when you have a big decision to make, and even if your bored or deliriously happy, you dance it out.

I typically prefer the Motown Classics when I dance it out, but I'm open to whatever I might happen to hear on the radio or have in my CD player at the time.

Some occasions in life when I have danced it out . . .

Jacob's illness and the day of his big tests.

When I was bored and very tired of painting, I danced it out to Etta James' At Last. (and yes, I used my paintbrush like a microphone)

Yesterday in the car when we had accomplished a lot of things in Austin. (We danced it out to ACDC's "You Shook Me All Night Long.")

And this morning. With the girls. We danced it out.

We danced it out to The Temptations. And to "Little Bitty Pretty One" by Thurston Harris.

At first I think the girls thought their Mimi had lost her mind. But then suddenly they grabbed their baby dolls and they danced. They shook their heads, they snapped their fingers, they twirled around, they jumped up and down and they laughed. Oh how they laughed.

On the way out the door, I heard Baby S singing "Bitty bitty bitty bitty." So cute.

All that to say, dance it out people. Dance it out.

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