Day 137: Being a Jones

There is a thing about our family that I believe can be quite difficult to take if you aren't one of us. Well, there are probably MANY things about our family that can be quite hard to take if you aren't one of us.

For example, while playing a car game with my co-workers on a recent planning retreat I disclosed that my family (the original 4) all have genius level IQ's and we are all type-A personalities. (We can't take credit for this, we didn't make our brains) But this family trait makes for some pretty fast-paced, opinionated "discussions" in our household. That's just ONE of the MANY things that makes us hard to take. We are a bunch of opinionated know-it-alls.

But I think the thing we are "known for" (well, maybe we are known for the last sentence in the above paragraph!), but I'm talking about our love of games. We ROCK at games. I mean, seriously, we can dominate just about any game you want to play.

Ping Pong. Dominate. (We have trophies to prove it)

Trivial Pursuit. Dominate. (Remember, we are know-it-alls)

Cake Walk. Dominate.

Wait, did I just write "Cake Walk?"


I did.

Yesterday at the girl's carnival, there was a cake walk. Get in your mind's eye a cake walk for toddlers. A bunch of colored circles taped to the ground. For toddlers. Who don't have a clue why you would WANT to walk around in a circle and step on colored circles.

Enter . . . the Jones. And Baby N. Who likes to jump on things. And Baby S. Who likes to be held.

We see that the cake walk only has two kids playing and I say, "Is it okay if we jump in?" (using my very VERY innocent voice, so as not to tip our hand . . .) and she says, "Why sure!" (poor thing, she has no idea)

So we jump in the game. I'm holding Baby N's hand and Zack is holding Baby S. Baby N is jumping (literally!) from colored circle to colored circle. Baby S is squealing and smiling with delight as Zack moves to the music from circle to circle.

Suddenly the music stops. The caller reaches into her bucket, pulls out a color and says, "If you are standing on RED, you're a winner." I look down. Zack looks down. He fist pumps (only straight up in the air, above his head) and I let out a healthy "Woo hoo!) We are BOTH on RED!

Then as we retrieve our prizes,

er . . . I mean as the girls retrieve their prizes, I say, "welcome, officially, little ladies to the Jones family. We ROCK at games."

Then Baby N says (only it sounds a LOT like Jacob's voice) "we owned that cake walk."


All that to say, our girls have entered the world of games, via the cake walk. Mmmm Hmmmm. What. (did I mention we are also insanely competitive?)


  1. i freaking love it.
    we owned the cake walk?

  2. Jacob said that he actually said, "Now they're Joneses. Walk in. Own the place. Walk out."



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