Day 127: Sacred Tradition

I just started a Bible Study tonight with my Monday night girls. We are doing Beth Moore's "The Patriarchs" or maybe it's just "Patriarchs" . . . I don't remember for sure, not that it really matters that much. I digress.

In the study, she was teaching about God's many names and how back in the day, God's presence dwelled with His people at the tabernacle. She mentioned that once a year the high priest would speak the "unspeakable" name of God (YHWH) and when he did, the glory of God would descend upon the priest. God's glory was so bright, the priest would have to close his eyes as would the entire group of people in and around the tabernacle. They would close their eyes and breathe in that sacred moment.

Generations later, the annual celebration still takes place. And though the tabernacle is long gone, when this "unspeakable" name of God, YHWH, is spoken, the people still close their eyes. They do it because they, too, are breathing in that sacred moment. The sacredness of hearing God's unspeakable, sacred, name.

I love traditions. They are a way to carry on what is important to remember.


Sometimes we let the tradition itself become sacred, instead of remembering that which is actually sacred. Those of us who are "churched" can be really, really good at passing on sacred tradition, but forgetting to pass on what is sacred about it.

When that happens, sacred tradition becomes ritual. And ritual religion quickly becomes meaningless.

Or worse yet, the ritual itself BECOMES the sacred.

All that to say, I feel called to look at what is sacred in my life. Really sacred.

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  1. Thank you for writing what is on your heart.
    Thank you for saying things most of us need to hear.
    Thank you for so openly seeking God in all you do.


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