Day 133: Tina Love

Oh Tina Taylor, how we love you. And by "we" I mostly mean Zack and the twins. Of course the rest of us love you, but they are over the top with loving you.

Somedays I am a little bit jealous of how much the twins love you. (Technically, I'm jealous of a lot of things. Your ability to loop, swoop and pull your hair into a work of art with a few bobby pins, a barrette and a twisty tie. Your ability to wear absolutely anything and look cute in it, even Zack's basketball shorts that have paint on them.)

Anyway, back to why I'm jealous of how much the twins love you. I mean, I know you were their nanny for 3 months, but still, I'm their Mimi. I get up in the middle of the night with them (er . . . well . . . on the nights I can't convince Mike to get up with them, I DO get up with them.)

I cook their meals. Or, at the very least, I dial the number to Pizza Hut and order their very favorite pizza.

I do their hair. And let me tell you girl, that takes some work. There aren't enough bobby pins in the world to make their hair a work of art without some SERIOUS skills.

I do their laundry and match their clothes, and make sure all the spaghetti stains got removed.

But oh how they love their "Tina." They cry when you leave. They squeal when you arrive.
(I'm talking about the twins here, not Zack, just in case you got confused.) In short, they worship you.

My only redeeming quality is that when they are sad or hurt, it's still "Mimi" they cry out for.

All that to say, Tina, you're loved. By many people. A lot of whom live in the Jones' household. Happy Birthday. (This birthday blog felt a little bit more about me than you. Flipped it. Sorry.)

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  1. I am laughing out loud.
    too funny! I love everyone is the Jones fam. You ALL make me feel very special.


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