Day 134: I'm Happy They Cry

I'm so happy they cry. Finally.

They care about something so deeply that it makes them cry.

That's a milestone.

They haven't cared before.

Haven't cared who came and went in their lives.

Because people came and went all the time.

They haven't cried before.

Haven't cried because their tears wouldn't have mattered much anyway. At least that's what their lives had taught them.

But they cry now. And I'm happy they cry.

Because FINALLY they have separation anxiety.

They care that we are leaving. And that is a MONUMENTAL milestone for them.

All that to say, while most parents are lamenting the woes of separation anxiety, I am happy to have two crying toddlers that freak out a little when they see me pick up my car keys. Because finally they care who comes and goes in their little lives.

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