Day 129: Sweet Jesus

Today's blog is going to be a little bit cryptic, but I want to try and share this with you since many of you are not only faithful readers, but faithful prayers as well.

As many of you know, we have twins in our home. Twins whose mom loves them very much, but whom often struggles to make the best choices for herself or her children. We love her. We really do. She's dear to our hearts. She's a broken little girl trapped in a young woman's body. It makes my own heart ache for her.

The twins have a brother too. He is not in our home, but is currently in a home where he is lavished with love, and soon to be in a home with his "Mama and Papa."

Yesterday, God moved in an incredible way. I can't tell you how. I wish I could. Because it was incredible.

I lost sleep before yesterday. I lived with stomach pain for the days preceeding yesterday. I had massive headaches before yesterday. I worried that people wouldn't think I was fighting hard enough for everyone concerned. Before Yesterday.

But I prayed. Yes, I worried. I'm not Jesus people. But I prayed. And others prayed. And God reigned supreme. Sweet Jesus.

All that to say, three sweet babies will be safe, and secure, and well-nourished, and given boundaries and loved like they were created to be loved.


  1. I Love this, and I Love Jesus!

  2. Rejoicing with you, Carol.
    Becky J.


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