Day 130: I Vacillate

I have vacillated a lot lately between posts of God's goodness, stories of "the girls" and random other things.

This post comes under the heading of "random other things."

Today I got up early and went to watch Jacob run a race called Ten for Texas. I waited for him at the 9 mile aid station, snapped his picture, jumped in my car, drove to the finish line (passing him on the road. . . funny) snapped his picture at the finish line, high fived him and headed home.

It was the drive home that I am actually blogging about.

I really don't like rude traffic cops. I get that they probably encounter a TREMENDOUS number of jerks who don't pay attention, almost run over them, etc. I get that they have to stand outside in cold, rainy, hot, humid, weather. So their job isn't easy. Stipulated.

But I really don't like it when they are obnoxious and rude to the people they are trying to direct. I mean, let's face it, some traffic cops are just not good at it.

Today's case in point was not good at it. I know this because I watched several cars do the wrong thing, based on what they THOUGHT he was telling them to do. On each occasion he SCREEEEAAAAAMED at the driver, even asking one driver, "Are you stupid?"

But I watched him. His hand signals were confusing. You couldn't tell if he was saying "stop" or "go." You couldn't tell if he was saying "it's okay to turn here," or "it's not okay to turn here."

So because he was inept, he screamed at the drivers on the road. I'm pretty sure his superiors would not like that behavior.

All that to say, I couldn't help but wonder if maybe he'd had a really bad fight with his wife before he left for work. I kind of felt bad for him. Because there was just no way he was that obnoxious without a good reason.

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  1. I had the same feeling on Friday night, picking up my sis at the Austin airport and of course, with no "stopping or parking" curbside, the cops were in a REALLY BAD MOOD! Taking it out on all of us Austin folks just trying to get through the weekend with ACL festival and hoards of people descending on our city...including my sister! Next time she takes a cab!


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