Day 125: Wow, Glad That is Over

Today was a TOUGH day. The girls were just incredibly out of sorts. Crying at the drop of a hat, over absolutely nothing. I mean, completely melting down, over NOTHING.

But I've been that way for a few days myself lately.

Maybe they are picking up cues from me.

Seriously. I'm a mess. I cried today because I hurt Jacob's feelings.

I cried later in the day because Baby N was crying because I didn't fix her water fast enough.

Maybe babies are like dogs. You know how your dogs can sense when something is wrong with you and they hover and whine all the time?

But this day is over. And with a new tomorrow comes new mercies. I'm in need of those.

All that to say, I'm so glad today is over. Tomorrow will be better because it is new. I sure hope the girls have a good day. I want their days to all be good. They deserve it.

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