Day 136: Simple Things

It's easy to forget how simple life can be when we try so hard to make it complex. Truth is we tend to make it complex under the heading of "simplifying" our lives. I do it all the time. I'm forever "organizing" something, though if you came into my home right now, I don't know that you'd sense the organization that I have put into this house.

Of course, my two grown-up sons are in the process of moving out and into their own place, so we have tons of "just put that there til the boys move out" organization going on.

And we have toddlers. So there are lots of, "put that over there until the boys move out" sections that I will deal with when I have empty closets and drawers to put the girls things in.

And I have piles of pictures all over the place because I haven't finished moving furniture around yet. That takes time. And well, organization.

So you can see how complex my life is right now, well . . . I guess messy would be a better word than complex, but complex sounds so much more like me.

But yesterday morning, my family had some fun together. All 6 of us. I never thought I'd say, "All six of us" until I had daughter-in-laws, but it's funny how God always has different plans than we have.

We walked from our home over to the little preschool that our girls go to and joined in their fall carnival. We had so much fun.

Their costumes were simple. Pajamas that we added some wings, a headbead and a tutu to. (say that really fast three times).

No need for a "candy bag." They don't eat candy.

Just us, walking, chatting, laughing.

All that to say, I love my family so much.


  1. Happy for you Jones Family! Nothing like the simple things in life...

  2. i love your family too.
    all six of you.
    to pieces.


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