Day 99: Memorable

I set out that day to have a pleasant, peaceful, non-stressful, memorable day.

I woke up early to make french toast, because it was their favorite. But not this day it wasn't. "S" took a bite, smooshed it around in her mouth, made a face, and spit it out. She did this with every - single - bite.

I planned a morning at the mall, because they loved riding in their big fancy double bob running stroller in the air conditioned mall. Princesses.

And I planned on us eating in the food court at Chick-fil-A. But it was Sunday. And Chick-fil-A is closed on Sundays. So we ate McDonald's chicken nuggets and fries, which is NOT the same. Not even close. And the girls registered their protest at the fake nuggets and straight fries.

My plans were to have a special, peaceful, non-stressful, memorable day. I really, really tried to make it not stressful.

I even took off from work.

And we rode the carousel.

And we had chicken nuggets. And french fries. And Ketchup.

But it was stressful.

And I also had this stupid idea of doing a photo shoot on our special last day together. (Which most men hate in case you don't know that. And more than that, they hate having to wear what you tell them to wear because it matches or coordinates with something YOU are wearing.)

And Big Mike is messy and I had to warn him not to put on his "photo shoot" shirt if he was going to be messy with his lunch, which he was. (Why did I tell him to get ketchup?)

And then finally, it was time to load up our car and drive the almost two hours to the girls' new home. As everyone was putting babies in cars, and blankets, and books, and car toys and grabbing cameras and photo shoot clothes and my purse and all the other millions of things it seems to take to travel anywhere with kids, much less kids you are moving OUT of your house, I decided to run back in the house and grab a few animal crackers for the girls.

I was hurrying, because Big Mike doesn't like to wait in the car, and neither do babies, so in my hurriedness I flung open the pantry door and grabbed the animal crackers, only to be interrupted by a loud bang followed by a brown explosion all over the white walls, doors and floor of the kitchen.

Seems in my hurriedness, and my flinging of the pantry door, I dislodged a bottle of root beer extract (which for those of you who don't know, is for making homemade root beer). The dislodged bottle hit the ground and exploded.

Jacob walked in just in time to see it and said, "wow, it looks like a murder scene in here." And it did. And it was just one more thing that made me want to cry. And I had on my photo shoot shirt.

All I could think of was Big Mike in the car, two screaming babies, and this HUGE mess I now had to clean up. Jacob (and Zack) helped me get most of it up, but when I finished there was a brown tint to the floor and doors and wall. But we had to go!
(But just for the record, it seemed weird to me that we were HURRYING to leave to give away our two babies, even if we were giving them to friends that we love!)

After what was a very long, hard, emotional day (complete with me forgetting to bring their crib! What kind of mother forgets a CRIB!!??) we arrived home at 10 p.m. As we walked in the door, I was assaulted by the smell of root beer and realized that I still had a freaking mess to clean up.

All that to say, as far as days go, it was memorable. Not quite as I planned it. But memorable.

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