Day 87: Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Nine weeks ago we brought home two little girls who were fragile and broken and angry. Two little girls who owned a blanket each, a bottle each, and two changes of clothes (and they only had all of this because of Debs Walker!)

Their skin was in such bad condition that it cracked and bled and sloughed off. And this was after the TLC that Debs had given them for the 10 days she had them, so I cannot imagine what it must have looked like before then.

Their hair was so dry and brittle that it is only just now really starting to grow and soften.

It's only been 9 weeks. And now they are happy, and healthy, and beautiful. Their skin is healthy, their hair is almost there and they are a delight.

Two weeks ago, we thought they were leaving. And it felt crushing. Not because we weren't happy for where they were going. We were. We are. But because we already loved them so deeply.

And that was two weeks ago. And now we have them for two more weeks. By the time they go to their new home, we will have had them for three months. A little more time to fall more deeply in love with them.

Whenever I talk of them leaving (which is often and accompanied by tears), I often get comments like, "Wow, you're really upset for only having had them for a few weeks." or "Well, at least they are going to a good home." or "Well at least you know the family they are going to so you can visit often."

Yesterday someone said to me, "I imagine that your heart is deeply grieving this loss. I'm so sorry." I cannot begin to tell you how soothing those words were.

And I thought to myself, how many platitudes have I given people who were grieving, when all they needed was someone to understand their loss?

A friend of mine used to tell me, "Don't try to offer words of comfort, just mourn with them. That's what people need." Wise words. Too often unheeded by me.

All that to say, Blessed are those who mourn with those who mourn. Jesus didn't say it exactly like that. But I think he would concur.

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  1. Thank you for mourning with me. God has used you to bless my heart in so many ways, not to mention making me LOL!!


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