Day 101: Seven Days Ago

Well, it's still really day 100, but it's my second blog of the day.

I am learning that the life of a foster parent is unpredictable, at best.

Seven days ago, we took the two little girls we have cared for, nurtured back to health, loved, prayed for, and called forth the emotions of love and joy from . . . we took those girls and handed them over to someone else.

I had heard that it doesn't matter who those people are, nor how great you think they are, nor how wonderful you know the children's life will be with them, relinquishing custody is incredibly, incredibly hard. It is true. It sucks.

Seven days ago, when we relinquished custody of the girls to a wonderful family, we didn't know that they would be going back to their birth mom two weeks later.

Seven days ago, we didn't know that this transition we were putting them through was going to be for such a short time.

Seven days ago, we didn't know anything other than we had been asked to help them transition into a home where there brother lived with a wonderful set of foster parents that would care for them for as long as they were needed, even if that was forever.

But seven days ago, God knew everything. And He asked us to kiss our sweet babies goodbye. And in obedience to Him, we did so.

Because seven days ago, God knew what would happen two weeks later. Seven days ago, He was sitting on His throne. And He's still there. He's still there.

All that to say, seven days ago, the God I serve, the God I love, and the God who loves those sweet babies had a plan. His plan. And we know that the plan He has is to prosper and not to harm. Jeremiah 29:11

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