Day 66: Working for The Man

Being self-employed is not easy.  If you have ever been self-employed, then you know what I mean.  Some days it is really just freaking hard, and the lure of going back to work for someone else is very attractive.

I was reading something this morning about self-employment and the dismal failure rate of small businesses. 

The person writing the article used the phrase "captive employment" when talking about working for someone else.  Gotta admit, that made me chuckle a bit.

So your options are captivity or probable failure.


I've mentioned a couple of times that my husband, Mike, started his own company, Maximum Pest Management, a little over a year ago (yes, it's another shameless plug - get over it).  And I have to say, watching him navigate the waters from captivity to business owner has been difficult.

He's an expert in his field.  He has worked in this industry for over 30 years.  He even has a degree in Entomology.  He actually trains the staff of OTHER pest control companies.  (Yes, he's that good).

But even with that impressive list of credentials, he has to work his john brown hind parts off to succeed.  Every day he has to be the owner, sales team, service tech, bookkeeper (well, I'm sort of the bookkeeper, but I'm free, so he doesn't get much out of me!) as well as perform every other function of the company.  He's it.  He's the man.  (Which is a little funny if you think about it.  He works for himself and he STILL works for the man! HA! . . . It's late, I should not blog late at night . . .)

I asked him tonight if he liked owning his own company (we had our first ever "company meeting" . . . someone should probably being praying for him . . . or me . . . or both of us) and he said he did.  Phew!  That's good news!  I'd hate to think he's working this hard for something he doesn't like!

I'm proud of him for starting his own company.  It's outside his personality type.  He's not so much of a risk taker.  Unless of course you count marrying me.  That was certainly a risky move, but hey, here we are 31 years later, so sometimes risk taking pays off.

All that to say, I  just wanted to tell you I'm proud of you, Mike Jones.  And I know you're working hard.  And I also appreciate that my house is bug free.  (it's a bonus, but I appreciate it!)


  1. I imagine having two self employed people in the house is doubly hard! Praying for Mike's business and yours. - Don

  2. Kent will watch manly shows for hours on TV, the whole while saying things like, "I could have been a border patrol agent" or "I bet I would make a great mixed-martial arts fighter". And then, a roach will scurry through the living room and he'll turn into a 9year old girl and squeal. It's too funny. So be glad Mike is not afraid of creepy crawlies! :)

  3. Oh Jana,
    I'm definitely glad he's not afraid of bugs! When he first started his company, I said, "Babe, do people actually NEED pest control services? I mean, we've been married 30 years and we've never had a pest control guy?" He laughed and said, "Carol, I AM our pest control guy! I spray our house!"

    So he's not only good, he's stealthy!


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