Day 63: People Who Inspire Me - Cathy

So, I'm starting a new series called  People Who Inspire Me.  This is my first one.  And while it might end up sounding like a commercial (it isn't), it's really just a great story about a great friend.

I am such a fan of people who start their own businesses.  Maybe because it's so close to home, but even before Mike started his company, Maximum Pest Management, (shameless plug) I just loved seeing people start their own businesses and succeed!

I have a really good friend, Cathy Henry, who has that entrepreneur spirit. She's the kind of person that has a new idea every minute.  When I first met her she was an ebayer.  And I think she was pretty good at, but didn't love it.  Then she decided to sell Arbonne, but that wasn't her thing either.

And THEN, she decided she would sell Thirty One.  If you don't know what Thirty One is, then you need to check them out because they are really an amazing company.  But that's not the point of this blog.  Cathy is the point of this blog.  Cathy, and determination, and finding your purpose.

On her birthday in 2010, Cathy took her birthday money (cracks me up that she still GETS "birthday money!") and she plunked it down on a starter kit.  She swears she just wanted to get $300 worth of product for $99, but I think somewhere down in her heart she knew she would start selling the stuff.

Early into her business venture, someone challenged her in a pretty big way, and she decided she was going to make a career out of Thirty One.  Fast forward less than two years later, and she is a Director with 31 Consultants on her team!  A DIRECTOR!  And her monthly income is . . . well . . . it's impressive! 

I'm telling you this story because I love my friend Cathy, and I'm so impressed and inspired by her.  She told me this recently, "I love how I have grown as a person just because I am where I know God wants me to be."

When I told Cathy I was going to blog about her, I think she was actually a little embarrassed.  And then being the true business woman that she is, she said, "Well then I'm going to run a special for your readers!  I want to offer your readers free shipping for every order they place on my website between now and the end of the month, under the party titled "All That to Say."   Oh, and please mention that thru the end of this month for every $31 spent they can chose another item for 31% off!!!!  

HA!  And THAT'S why she's successful!

All that to say, working for yourself is hard work, but doing what you were created to do, being where God wants you to be, that's what really matters.

Funny aside about Cathy and I, we have NEVER taken a good picture together.  It's almost comical how bad they are!  Here's one example of our epically bad pics:


  1. We love Cathy too! - The Lewis Family

  2. Thank you Carol for such sweet words. I really do love Thirty One and all it stands for! of course loving the product helps too! :) FYI, you inspire me took and all who know you, to be a better person, to trust God, to be honest and be real! Love you friend!


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