Day 57: Loser

I lose things.  It's a flaw in my character.  A frustrating one, I might add.  Frustrating for me, for my husband, whose frustration frustrates me even more.  (I mean, for real, you'd think the man has never lost anything!  Geesh!)

Saturday, I had a special day out with the girls, getting their hair braided.  A small problem with Nikki's hair (it looked like a boy!) required a stop off at Sweet and Sassy so we could get Nikki some new earrings.

I knew we were going to be fast so I parked in the 30 minute TOWING ENFORCED parking.  (Don't be too quick to think you know where this is going!)

We went in and got Nikki's earrings, but then the nice ladies there (who spoil them rotten) did their nails and gave them a sucker.

Well, I couldn't put them in my car with wet nails AND a sucker, so we walked around Market Street a bit while their nails dried.  Just as we were walking back to the car, the trolley came by.  The trolley to the girls is like chocolate to a woman with PMS.  It calls to them. 

So we rode the trolley.

And about halfway through the trolley ride, I remembered that I was in 30 minute TOWING ENFORCED parking. 

And I panicked.

But by the time we got back to the trolley stop, I had completely forgotten my parking situation and decided we should go enjoy a nice dinner together.  A perfect end to a perfect day with my girls.

And then . . .

about midway through dinner . . .

I remembered . . .

that I was in 30 minute TOWING ENFORCED parking.

If you have never tried to get two four year olds to rush through their dinner and then hurry to walk 4 blocks, then you have no idea the frustration that ensued!

But we made it to the place where my car was supposed to be parked and Thank Jesus it was still there.

I reached into my purse to unlock the door, but alas, I could not find my keys.

And then I remembered, my purse had fallen over on the trolley, and I was fairly certain my keys had fallen out.

Two hours later, we all made it home (courtesy of said husband who gets frustrated, and rightfully so, because I lose things!) but my keys have never been found.

All that to say, I'm a loser baby . . .


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Glad to see things haven't changed! Didn't you used to lose your credit card all the time? I remember we used to steal your keys just to mess with you! Funny stuff, Carol Jones. Funny stuff. - Pete

  2. This post reminds me of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

    I'm so glad to know we are so very alike. I think I am the only person ever who can lose something while sitting on the floor- not moving from the one spot so it HAS to be there.... how does that happen?


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