Day 53: You Should Write a Book

I wish I had a dollar million dollars for everytime someone has said to me, "You should write a book."  Seriously.  I would be enormously wealthy.  I would have so much money I would be vacationing in some place exotic right now, with Manny's for each of my girls, and paparazzi documenting my every move.

Scratch that.  We all know that even if I was enormously wealthy I'd still be meeting the school bus twice a day and looking up crock pot recipes online, because, well, I'm just that kind of girl.

BUT, back to my book writing.

Today, again, someone has said to me, "You should write a book."

Yesterday, someone said to me, "You should write a book."

And my answer is always the same.  "What would I write a book about?'

The answers usually run anywhere from parenting to ministry, but at somepoint we usually end up at, "just string together enough of your blog posts and you've got a book."

Today, for some reason, (maybe it's because I am REALLY trying to hear what God has to say about being a working mom with a crazy flexible schedule that allows me to meet the needs of my two special needs daughters) I feel like I could do it.  I could write a book taken from my blog.

So, will you help me? 

Will you tell me what some of your favorite blog posts have been? 

Will you follow my blog?  (Apparently that's going to be important down the road . . . plus you practically stalk my blog anyway, so why not just make it official and publically proclaim your undying fondness of me and my stories?)

And will you periodically post my blog to your wall or tweet it to your followers?

And if you are a blogger, will you post my blog to your blog?

Gosh, I feel incredibly needy all of sudden.  But hey, this whole "write a book thing" was your idea anyway.  So now you're practically obligated to help me.

All that to say, I may or may not write a book.  But I'm thinking about it . . . (said in a really high pitched voice followed by a gigantic smile across my face, which feels a little awkward considering I'm sitting in my house all alone, smiling and talking to myself.)


  1. Oh my gosh, Carol! I've thought a million times that you should write a book. You have helped me with so many areas in my own life, just by being real about yours. I heard about you losing your job. That sucks. Can't wait to read the post about that. I'm sure you're still processing it all. But I'm sure when you do write about it, it'll be raw and real, the two words I often use about your blog. Love me some Carol Jones. - Mary

  2. Pretend I just said everything Mary just said :).

  3. Book idea: Lady Law

    You know what I'm talking about. ;)


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